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Brand identity is a collective approach directed towards to solving a problem and and creation a solution, only promoting unity through an overall design. Companies rely on investing on good design to evoke intellect, structure, socialism, human interaction, all resulting in professionalism.


Print is a product or more less a solution. A physical impression of an idea, as there are expansive solutions to tackle your business/personal campaign. Whether it may be the type of paper/card stock, the weight of the paper/card stock or even that special finish. The answer is not to select the best quality option, however it is what is most appropriate for your design purpose.



Whether the size of your campaign is BIG or small, we will be able to help you with a very large range of solutions. Billboards, Bus Shelters, Indoor Mall posters, interactive displays, your imagination is only the limit.


As the biggest social media platforms continue to change the way we consume information and news, it also has made an impact on the people who use it. Allow us to manage and tailor your online media accounts with florished content, images, text and promotions.


Preserving a memory on film is the real human privilege we have of our time. It reminds us what we have precious to us...Time. Cinematography is the #1 key factor in conveying a story through film. It is timeless. Cuffed Creatives strives to create an environment with texture, sound, layers and movement of its greatest potential. Weddings, engagement parties, anniversaries, birthdays, a special event or a nightlife experience to say the least.


A visual is an image that captures the beauty of any moment, person, place or even objects. A photo is a still image that tells so much more to a story it grasps the expression of how we connect by what we see. It is the first impression that creates interest. It is creative art. We create impression and art we give life to what stands still when we take a picture. Let us make those memories together on birthdays, weddings, engagement, anniversaries etc.


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